Sunday, October 14, 2007

Black & White Surprise


BLACK AND WHITE SURPRISE. Created by Per Clausen Elmwood Magic


Color Deception

Poker Chip Polka

Black & White Miracle

Rainbow Chips


rmendez said...

Do yourself a favor and insist on the first class original. The quality and precision on the knock-off versions in brass is atrocious and the plastic versions look like toys.

Sam Dalal said...

I created Rainbow Chips (with 2 other similar Chip items, Magician at the Casino, and Super Psychic Chips) way back in 1977. Printed ads with credit to me vave appeared in Supreme's Magigram (starting Dec 1978) and with other dealers. The item also finds reference in The Ganson Book with credit to me. As happens with any good, simple and practical idea, this has been ripped off by several dealers in this country, and abroad. There have been variations made in brass instead of plastic or in the original presentation starting with a black and white chip instead of two black ones, but all these ripoffs are without permission, credit or even a line of acknowledgement.

I am now amazed to find the original is now considered the rip-off, and a much later "evolution" the original. Would Mr. Per Clausen kindly establish when his version was created, (date of invention conveniently ignored in the listing). I know I saw the ads much after my version and by then it had been ripped off so often it was almost public domain !

Also what sort of verification process does magicfakers use to verify these listings, because the sort of wrong information does irrepairable damage to the creator, and the facts !

Magic Unlimited said...

This is the way Magic Fakers verifies the facts. It's an ongoing and open discussion to try to establish the earliest known origins of tricks. As for Per Clausen, he is known for his chip effects, but no-one seems to know who he is

Hopefully, as you have come forward to establish precedence, someone will come forward to clarify Per Clausen's claim now that you have challenged it

Magic Balu said...

We cannot take any detail from the net as authentic it seems

Thomas Kandanat said...

Why Mr.Per Clausen is not posting a reply to Sam Dalal

thomas kandanat

Dale said...

I met that guy (Per Clausen) in Sandefjord in 1988 - an European magic convention, he and his wife had their own stand - with a lot of different routines with different sets of the chips. Really nice guy - I think he was Swedish, and i got the impression that he had produced the chip for several years already. I spoke to the other magician - and the was no other chips with this quality - in many ways they look like simple brass chips, but in reality it was a high precision product, I bought some of the chips- and they are still functional more than 25 years later