Sunday, October 14, 2007

Perfect Pen


PERFECT PEN. Created by John Cornelius. John Cornelius Magic

All of my items, Bendable pen, Perfect Pen, and Thought Transmitter, are original with me. I did not give anyone permission to copy or manufacture them.The instructions are all copyrighted.In most cases I spent 6 months to a year to develop these effects.

If someone takes all of my ideas, research and development, then markets a copy, I am stuck with all of my time, research ,development, plus a few thousand parts that I had specially made.If the people that advertise the Knock Off versions would just come to me, we would both make money and they would have a stream of new tricks by the Originator coming to them.If dealers sell the knock offs, the people that supply original ideas will go into non magical items or elsewhere and new items will dry up (Is this worth it when you consider the number of effects that they could invent over years?).

If you sell a knock off item at half the price, you have to sell twice as many , and if it is a knock off, it is probably half as good (You also will lose customers that are dissatisfied by the product).

Why should a dealer screw up his reputation is if he wants to be around for the long haul?I just don't get it!

Just some thoughts,

John Cornelius

For more information on the history of this item, go here.


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Anonymous said...

If I'm brutally honest on this one, the original Cornelius Pen was pretty badly made.

The clips inside the cap fell out, and 'the gimmicked' part became extremely loose. It was definitely a Cornelius original as I purchased it as soon as it hit the market; and via a reputable UK dealer.

By comparison, when I started re-working this effect two years ago, the apparent copy that I purchased (it was the only type available) has been going strong.

Whilst I obviously do not agree with copying John's items, it has to be said that the build quality of his version left a fair bit to be desired.

Sincere regards,

Barry Allen