Monday, December 10, 2007



BOWL-A-RAMA by Kevin James


Bowling (2007)


Magic Unlimited said...

I emailed Andy Kwok, the manufacturer and wholesaler of the new item 'BOWLING' and asked him: "Isn't this Kevin James' trick Bowl-A-Rama?"

He replied: "Sorry, I don't know what the original comes. We only do this item. Thanks."

Averagebum said...

Hi Magic Unlimited,

May I have Andy Kwok's website URL?

I typed in but it turned out not to exist.

Thanks very much!


Magic Unlimited said...

Averagebum said...

Ahhhh!!. Thank you so much Magic Unlimited! I kept trying the wrong URL and thought Andy had closed shop!

So who invented the Bowling Ball from notepad illusion? I have watched Kevin James perform it, and similar illusions on Da Ge Da's Magic Show (Competition).

Unknown said...

According to Kevin's site,, "He has used this effect with great success in his stage and TV work for over 15 years. He has performed it on television in over 18 countries."

So it's dated back to at least 1995.