Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cosmosis: Floating Match


COSMOSIS: The Original Floating Match on Card. Created by Ben Harris in 1987. Ben Harris Magic

Just re-released for 2006 by Tenyo.


Floating Match on Card

Floating Match

Ghostly Animated Match

Floating Match


Unknown said...

I am the inventor of the GHOSTLY ANIMATED MATCH. I did NOT use the FLOATING MATCH product as any type of model to come up with my GHOSTLY ANIMATED MATCH.

I started with the effect - to make a match stand up as though he were a stick figure - with nothing attached to the match. And from there working backwards came up with my idea.

While both of these tricks use thread, my threads are NOT positioned like the FLOATING MATCH.

There have been so many discussions about magic inventions and rights over the years - both in magic magazines and on the net.

I feel one gets to know if they are doing something morally right the longer they have been involved in magic, and the more magic they have seen the better.

As an example of a moral dilemma: Someone in the 1800's invents a box in which ice can be inserted in the walls. It's use is to keep food cooled so it will last longer without spoiling.

After many years, someone takes a box and inserts coils that become cold through liquid flowing through the coils, and this box operates with the use of electricity. Is this second inventor morally OK? One could argue NO - because the end result is the same.

One could argue YES - he is morally OK - because it is a greatly improved method for accomplishing the same thing.

Except that both of our effects use the same type of material - our methodology, construction/placement AND effect are all different - it has to be - to cause the match to do what it does with ours - that it cannot do with the FLOATING MATCH.

I had no intent to make my GHOSTLY ANIMATED MATCH a copy, nor is it.

I find it distasteful when I see someone taking a product clearly produced exclusively by the inventor and making an exact copy - that is stealing.

I have been in the magic business over 40 years, and I would never resort to stealing. I wouldn't want it done to me and you can't expect better if you do it to others.

Bob Bokor
38 Year Magic Dealers Association MEMBER
IBM Order of Merlin Member

Magic Unlimited said...

Anyone who would like to see GHOSTLY ANIMATED MATCH in action, can look at a video of it here:

Please reserve your judgement on Bob Bokor's comments until you watch the video.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Magic Unlimited, for posting the video. Didn't know I could do that here.

As you will see, the effect is different than Ben's.

The ADD-ON - (second part) was done as an afterthought - that is Ben Harris' method - and you will see on the site that this is produced with permission of Ben Harris.

The main trick - the unique effect of the Ghostly Match was originated by me (the main presentation - which starts the video).

Bob Bokor