Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Iron Garrote Chain Through Neck


Chain Decapitator


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The commercially Sold Iron Garrote uses a different gimmick than the Chain Decapitator. The Garrote uses a hand held gimmick and the chain can't examined immediately after it is pulled through the neck. The Chain Decapitator uses a body gimmick and the chain can be examined immediately after it is pulled through the neck. I understand that a different Garrote, designed by the same man, using a similar or same gimmick as the Chain Decapitator was sold under a private contract (but I'm not sure) and is not available commercially. From this perspective, I don't think that VanDoren's Chain Decapitator is a Magic Faker.

Master of Illusions Entertainment said...

The comercially sold Iron Garrote does and has now included the body gimmick method, it was also the same method submitted to us by Steve Santini and released with his permission back in 2003, and the same EXACT method used for Criss Angel's MindFreak special season 1 back in 2005 all of which preceed the chain decapitator knock off. Its a lack of research and ethics in our opinion. The method sold with the Chain Deccapitaor which was originally developed by Steve Santini and rights granted to Master of Illusions Entertainment as an additon to Peter Loughrans original mehtod has been released and produced by Master of Illusions Entertainment with permission from Steve Santini and used in such productions as MindFreak far proceeding the release date of the Chain Decapitator. Fact.

Master of Illusions Entertainment said...

Also just an addition: By your admission above you recogonize and acknowledge that the same method used in your Chain Decapitator was released by us in private contracts before your Chain Decapitator, so how can you ethically release this afterwards and call it your own? Steve Fearson created the "Laser Illusion" sold the rights to David Copperfield. David Copperfield is the only one who has the rights to use this method of doing a one man sawing in half illusion, by your logic, you marketing the "Laser Illusion" yourself would also be fine, which obviously it would not.

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