Thursday, October 11, 2007

Zig Zag Cigarette


ZIG ZAG CIGARETTE. Created by Hiroshi Kondo in 1981 for Tenyo.


Zig Zag Cigarette

Zig Zag Pencil

Zig Zag Box


Magic Unlimited said...

The development of the ZIG ZAG CIGARETTE according to the Tenyo website:

Ever since Robert Harbin just performed his Zig Zag illusion, many magicians have created Zig Zag type effects that substitute another objects, aside from a woman, to be sliced up! ZIG ZAG CIG is a close-up version of this illusion that substitutes a cigarette for the woman. The visible movement (sliding the center piece of the case to one side) corresponds exactly with the movement necessary to move the secret gimmick, which makes the mechanism of this trick completely automatic. The concept of not requiring any additional movements to make the trick work is an appealing one, since it means that anyone can perform the effect easily. We believe that this is the ultimate match of form and function. This type of 'fully automatic' magic also may be seen in tricks that were developed later, such as SIDETRACK and ECLIPSE.

Created by: Hiroshi Kondo (1981)

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