Friday, September 4, 2009

Shrinking Card Case




Shrinking Card Box


Elton "The Magic Man" Shufter said...

I was thinking of making this my next blog! I can totally believe you beat me to it though, it needs to be here.

Few questions:

1.Do you take submissions?
2.How is originality confirmed?
(For example, with The Color Changing Vest...Costume changes are the knockoff exact same construction? )
3. Is this a thorough list?
(Have you checked any of your sponsors and supporting magic shops for "house brand" props?)

Keep up the good work!

Magic Unlimited said...

Elton, Magic Fakers has been around for a long, long time...

People email me with effects they feel have been ripped off and I look into it, ask around, and research.

Most new products are obvious copies, but older effects are harder to verify. We only try to add products which are clearly rip-offs.

Most of the time, if an item is a popular seller it will spawn imitations immediately. Yes, in the case of the vest, costume changes have been around for a long time (as have card tricks) but this is a specific product that Lee Alex brought to the market. The "new" item is a blatant copy and an attempt to cash in by coming into the market at a cheaper price (with an inferior product).

We don't veto those who wish to stand up and support us, but once anyone does they know they will be opening themselves up to critical examination from others seeking to expose them as hypocrites.

All of our sponsors want to do the right thing and, I'm sure, if anyone was to alert them of a rip-off in their own inventory, they'd address the issue immediately.