Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dynamic Coins


DYNAMIC COINS. Created by Hiroshi Kondo and Shigeru Sugawara in 1975 for Tenyo.

and Fantasma has purchased the rights to sell them in their Magic Collection kit


Dynamic Quarters

Dynamic Coins

Coin Transposition (2007)


Magic Unlimited said...

The development of DYNAMIC COINS according to the Tenyo website:

The development of this effect started with the time-honored "Nickles to Dimes." However, by introducing two of the same props, the trick transformed into a very strong piece of magic that appears to be completely new. In addition to making the coins vanish, these props allow numerous effects to be performed, including translocations and penetrations. For this reason, this trick has been a best seller since it was first introduced. It contains all of the elements that we at Tenyo strive for when creating excellent magic: 1) it is easy enough for anyone to perform, 2) it uses everyday items, 3) it can be carried in your pocket, 4) it can be repeated, and (5) the props may be handed out for examination by spectators.

Developed by: Hiroshi Kondo and Shigeru Sugawara (1972)

Anonymous said...

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