Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Color Changing Waistcoat


Color Changing Waistcoat by Lee Alex


Color Changing Vest (Taiwan)


info said...

Thank you Tim for adding this to your site.

There is at least one dealer in Korea who offers the fake waistcoat, however it is advertised with my original demo video under the item.

The picture on the site shows an animated gif. picture of the vest in red, yellow, blue and green - I have NEVER used this colour combination.

I would heed buyers not to be misled by the demo video associated with this copy item.

Lee Alex said...

Hi Tim,

I receive more and more emails from magicians worldwide complaining about "my" Color Change Waistcoat.

I ask the buyer to ensure that they are buying an original vest.
Complaints range from gimmicks not working, to wrong size (I was presented with a Chinese copy and the vest comes just down to above my belly button!) to poor quality with buttons falling off and ugly fabrics. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to compensate the buyer if the product is not original!

20th Century Ring™ said...

Hi Lee:

"Advertised with my original demo video under the item." THE WAY TO COMBAT THIS IS TO HAVE YOUR INSTRUCTIONS ON YOUR WEBSITE WITH LOGIN REQUIRED. Too late now, but for future invention. So sorry to see your creativity marginalized. DON'T GIVE UP.