Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vault Vision


VAULT VISION. Created by Hiroshi Kondo in 1988 for Tenyo. Recently retired from Tenyo and now available from Eddy's Magic.


Vault Vision

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Magic Unlimited said...

The development of VAULT VISION according to the Tenyo website:

After winning the Ishida Tenkai prize in 1987, Hiroshi Kondo wrote a book of his collected works, as do all winners of this prize. He was determined to create tricks that each had a title starting with a different letter of the alphabet, from A through Z. When he reached the letter X, "X-ray" was the only word in the English language that had a magic theme. So, Kondo had to invent a trick that demonstrated clairvoyance. He set out to find a method for the following effect. A spectator selects one coin out of a group of three coins, and places it into a case. The magician then looks at the outside of the case and determines which coin is inside. Kondo hit upon a principle that allowed him to differentiate between the coins, and that principle was included in his Tenkai prize book. Later, this idea was further polished at one of Tenyo's new product meetings. Shigeru Sugawara created a new mechanism to display the marks, which caused this idea to evolve from simply a creation into a finished product.