Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kaps on Fire Wallet


Kaps on Fire Wallet by Stephane Jardonnet
(Unique in that you can close the flaming wallet and open it again to show that it's normal)


Flaming Wallet (2008)

Hot Fire Wallet (2008)

Hot Fire Wallet - Lucifers (2008)

Supreme Wallet (2008)

Hot Money (2008)

Hot Wallet (2008)

Flame Wallet (2008)

Magic Fire Wallet (2008)


mont said...

I just purchased the wallet you show above as flaming wallet 2008 . It does not work. Very little spark, does not ignite fluid. I have tried different settings of the flint screw, new flints, no fire even once. the wallet is very nice, leather, feels good, looks great, but what use is a flaming wallet when it won't flame. I have been in contact with maker, John Kohl and all he could say was tighten the screw, and ask what fluid I used. I was using the fluid he recommended. Have not heard from him since I requested refund. Stay away from this wallet

Nathan said...

I guess the issue is buy the original whenever possible.

Mark said...

I recently purchased the Jim Pace Lucifer's Wallet and it is poorly constructed. It, too, would not light the wick. The flint mechanism broke on the second try, and when I reattached it there is a design flaw that results in a dangerous sharp corner of the metal support surrounding the flint that stabs the finger when you try to roll the flint wheel. Stay away from this, too!

magic bulb said...

When you buy something, and das'nt work properly, just ask the vendor, dealer or the manufacturer to jus replace it for a new one.
Nobody is perfect, and happens with all things you buy around, not only magic, but cars, cleaners vacum......
Insted of using your time in descriditating poeple aroun here, use your energy in something more positive, the destroying poeples reputation in here. Jim pace is a very nice guy, good pro magician, and always like all the others refund or replace the item.
A professional will never dear to write such a comments about a maker, pubolicly, and in a place like this, witch spend most of there time in sending rabish maills around, and by the way, whgo do they think they are ?
PROBLEMS with an item?
contact the dealer who sold it to you for replacement
magicfakers Puty in your ashy