Sunday, October 14, 2007

Invisible Zone


INVISIBLE ZONE. Created by Lubor Fiedler for Tenyo in 1999.

Also licensed to Marvin's Magic.


Disappearing Pen

Invisible Pen

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Magic Unlimited said...

The development of INVISIBLE ZONE according to the Tenyo web site:

When Lubor Fiedler decided to create a product idea for Tenyo, he undertook the challenge of creating a trick that uses everyday objects. The object he selected was a ballpoint pen. He started by applying an old magic principle to a pen, and worked on a penetration effect in which the pen would pass through some object. Later, he developed the idea of making the tip of the pen protrude from the opposite side of the object, and approached the format of the trick which was eventually released. Since Lubor has an intense interest in applying "transparency" or "the inability to see certain things" to magic tricks, the theme of the trick was changed at this stage from a "penetration effect" to "a space in which items become invisible."
The theme of making the center of a pen invisible is unique, but the element of this trick that leaves a strong impression is the spring that appears inside the case. Not only does the spring increase the effectiveness of the illusion, but it also serves as psychological misdirection that makes spectators think that the spring might somehow be a necessary element. Once he conceived of the spring idea, this product was completed. In Lubor's original prototype, it was necessary to connect the pen to the gimmick once the pen entered the case. However, Tenyo staff member Shigeru Sugawara replaced this with a mechanism that merely requires the pen to be inserted and removed, without having to be connected to the gimmick. This was added to the unit, and made the trick easier to perform. The title of this product was decided after sending numerous faxes back and forth between Tokyo and Spittal, Austria.

Created by: Lubor Fiedler (1995)