Sunday, October 14, 2007

Soft Coins


SOFT COINS. Invented by Keiji Takahashi and released by Tenyo in 1981.


Pencil Penetration

Penetration Coins

Melting Coins

Shuttle Coins

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Magic Unlimited said...

The development of SOFT COINS according to the Tenyo website:

One technique that is available to creators is to utilize principles that will not work with a single item, but will succeed with multiple items. Through the use of multiple coins, the method of SOFT COINS becomes completely camouflaged. And, the effect of penetrating three pencils through three coins is also much more impressive than the same effect using just a single coin. As much as possible, we try to incorporate a method into Tenyo products that allows the props to be examined by the audience, but SOFT COINS was the very first trick that includes a locking system that can be engaged after performing the effect. This mechanism was created by Takuya Yoshizawa.

Created by: Keiji Takahashi (1981)