Sunday, October 14, 2007

Invisible Thread Reel


Created by James B. George of The Sorcery Shop. Sorcery Shop


LAD: Lighter Than Air Device

Pro Reel

Incredible Thread Retractor

Thread Genie


Jimfromsac said...

Hi Guys,

This is James George of Sorcery Manufacturing. Many of you may be wondering what are the differences between our reels and the knock-offs?

First off: All of our reels come with a lifetime warranty and can always be mailed in for repair. We also have online video's available to our customers as well as free tech support via e-mail. The other major factor is the thread itself. Our thread is pressure dyed unlike many of the others, this process renders it invisible in most lighting conditions. Our Kevlar Thread is amazingly invisible under fluorescent lighting, unlike any other thread offered anywhere. The Thread Genii thread is not invisible at all, it is more like fishing line. The thread retractor's thread is also far from invisible, same as the others. The other huge difference is our secret design that allows about 40% more retraction distance out of the reel with a very smooth tension and silent operation. So to sum it up... You get what you pay for! You will find our reels to be a far better value in the long run as many already know.. see the Magic Cafe reviews for even more details on why so many prefer ours. Our new spectra reel is the most superior reel we have designed to date for the pro close-up worker and has just received rave reviews in the Linking Ring July 2008 issue. We again thank you for your support and know that the pirates only pirate, they do not invent new magic items, they are parasites, on the creator's in your industry and if they bleed enough of us dry, we will abandon the industry without choice, and be forced to apply our creative minds to other industries.

So only by your support can this be prevented.

Kind Regards,

James George

JSoroko said...

This is an excellent post - but, alas, the Sorcery Shop link is dead. I'd also be curious to know where, in the development chronology, the wire reels fit in.
And I think the premise of the blog is brilliant.

Sorcerymfg said...

Here is the link to our web-site:



James George
Inventor of the ITR

Please also be aware that wayne Houchin has produced a video along with Steve Johhson promoting another rip off of my new Titan Reel, (The only reel with Fearson's Vectra IT ) This reel features our new Patented Alpha Design. Watch Alpha Part 1 & 2 at for more info on why this reel is better then any of the others.

Werner van Zyl said...


As a "newbie" to levitation and animation effects, I came across this blog. I agree with your post and feel that there are a lot of industries where items get copied and people steal ideas. That being said, I do have one concern though. I live in Namibia where these gimmicks are really hard to come by as there are no magic shops here. At the end of the day it comes down to two things: either pay an arm and a leg to get the gimmick or make it myself. I recently paid N$700 (US$ 70) for a gimmick that I could have made for US$ 5. I actually ended up making my own one and it actually cost me US$5. Mine looks better and works better. Something that the industry needs to keep in mind is that the price tags on gimmicks are sometimes very high compared to the actual quality of the item. Rather have me buy a manual on how to make the gimmick for a fraction of the price rather than letting me pay for a poorly manufactured item that costs a fortune.

Sorcerymfg said...

Here is a recent review of our new Titan ITR, this reel comes with Fearson's Vectra. Interesting idea having individuals make their own props, I simply don't think it is reasonable for most individuals to strip out 50' of invisible thread as required to make an ITR. Also the thread we use is not readily available, we have it custom pressure dyed a flat black, not a shiny black like most threads come stock from the factory. The expense is the small run of a very custom thread and getting a large factory to be interested in working with us. They want millions of feet ran on any textile, this is the reason why our prices are higher then many of the knock off ITR's, we took the necessary steps required to bring you the perfect reel that works in the real world.

Here is a recent review of our product:

Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Oh, oh, oh!!! I almost bought one of these and then it magically showed up in our box of reviews. Lucky me. Don't get jealous, though. This is a small bonus for all of the crap I've seen over the years.

I do very little thread work. That's primarily because I don't like surprises when I'm performing, unless I've built them into the routine. The two pieces I have with thread are very "safe" (no levitating and indirect use of the thread). I thought I was in heaven when Steve Fearson came out with the Vectra thread.

For what I do, I don't mind dealing with individual threads and anchors. But while I don't need it, the ITR sure does make my life a lot easier.

Sorcery Manufacturing has been putting out ITRs for as long as I can remember. They've got it down. The quality is there and the printed (and now online) instructions for care and maintenance make this a no-brainer tool to own.

So if you're like me and want to do some thread work but are terrified of breakage, the Titan ITR is for you!

Sorcerymfg said...

Hey guys, the updated link to our web-site is


Thank you for supporting original Artists!

Also the "New Items' as posted in this post are knock-offs, they are not our items.