Sunday, October 14, 2007



D'LITE. Marketed by Rocco, created in 1987 by Roger Mayfarth

MYSTIC LIGHT BEAMS. Juan Mayoral also has legitimate claims to have created the effect at the same time. Tenyo even released Mayoral's version in Japan.

However, in 1979 at FISM in Brussels Sara Kabigujina & Sultangali Shukurov of Russia performed an act using lights at the fingertips tossed from hand to hand and person to person.

SPOT DOT RED THUMB. Sold by Steve Spangler Science with permission from Rocco.


Thumb Light

Magic Thumb Light

Lighting Thumb Tip

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Tiki God said...

Rocco Saw Juan and ripped them off I worked with them both have spent many years in Europe. Juan was doing this for some time before Rocco took them. As one famous magic dealer told me ( who is a member of the Magic dealers accociation) Juan wouldn't wholesale ( or couldn') there fore the dealer felt it was ok to sell the knock off and this dealer helped propel Rocco. These ARE the facts.....D